Have you and your family suffered from a flood? Was it from rising water, heavy rains or failed sump pumps? No matter what the flood was from or how bad the water and structure damage is, Anytime Restoration Services will be able to help your home get back to normal and help your family get back into living comfortably in your home without the worry of damage. There are many things that we are able to do to help your home as well as tips we can offer you to help your home. A flood can cause a lot of hazards within your home and it is important that you follow safe practices and use our advice to keep yourself and your family safe in the aftermath of a flood. Different types of floods can cause different problems that require different methods for cleanup and repair. The following addresses various types of floods, what kind of water damage each kind can cause and the best way for us to clean up the damage and get your living back to normal.

Where do Floods Come From?

Floods obviously happen when there is too much water. This water can come from a variety of sources:

  • Overflowing rivers or levees that are no longer able to contain the vast amount of water. Often, only people who live close to water have to worry about this type of flood but in extreme cases, people who live up to 50 miles away from water can be affected.
  • Excessive rainfall that causes a roof or foundation structure to crack, break, collapse or leak. Often these type of floods happen within a home that is older and not as stable; although, they can happen to anyone when there is a large amount of rainfall or snowfall.
  • An improperly functioning sump pump can cause flooding within the home. Sumps help to keep water from building up in the basement or foundation of the home and when they stop working water can build up very quickly causing flooding. Often, homeowners do not know that their sump pump has stopped working until it is too late and there is already flooding happening.
  • Pipes can easily burst due to extreme temperatures, improper insulation or the age of the pipes. When a pipe bursts, it can cause immediate and devastating damage that includes flooding of the home among other things.

What Kind of Problems do Floods Cause?

While there are many different types of floods that require different cleanup methods, most floods cause the same type of damage. The following are things that can be affected and damaged by almost all types of floods:

  • Personal belongings. Things such as clothing, shoes and household accessories that are porous can be easily damaged when a flood is in your home.
  • Furniture. All types of furniture, especially couches, easy chairs and upholstered furniture, have the potential to be damaged in a flood. Even if the damage is not immediate, there could be moisture left within the porous surface and it could lead to mold that is harmful to your family.
  • Carpeting and flooring. Floods build up often on the floors of your home and cause them to become warped, soggy or moldy. This will gravely affect not only the carpet, flooring and padding but will also affect the floorboards which will compromise the structural safety of the home.
  • Important documents. Unless you have a waterproof safe or other way of keeping the documents, a flood can quickly and easily damage things such as house deeds, birth certificates and social security cards. These can all be very difficult and time consuming to replace.
  • Ceilings. A flood, especially one in a two story home will often affect the ceilings causing them to become weak and collapse.

How Can You Help?

While flood cleanup should generally be left to professionals, there are certain things you can do to help reduce the risk of damage to your home while you are waiting for professional help to arrive. These things include:

  • Gather any important documents or artwork and get them away from the water.
  • Stay away from electrical outlets. If they are submerged, stay completely out of your home.
  • Avoid rooms that have sagging or wet ceilings. These could collapse at any minute and cause harm or even death.
  • Get furniture out of the flood water and use something to separate it. If it is not practical for you to completely remove the furniture, make sure you put it up on spare cinder blocks or cover the legs in foil to keep it separated from the water.
  • Be very cautious when walking. Floods can cause your home’s surfaces to become very slippery. Pay attention and avoid areas that you think could cause you to fall.

How Can Anytime Restoration Help?

Anytime Restoration Services uses the best technology available to help you when your home is suddenly devastated by a flood. There are different things that we can do to help reduce the damage and, in some cases, completely repair or prevent the damage. One important thing to remember when a flood hits your home is to always leave clean up and restoration to professionals that can use methods such as:

  • Drying equipment. Our industrial strength drying equipment that is attached to all of our trucks will enable us to begin drying things out as soon as we arrive.
  • Industrial grade pumps that will quickly reduce high levels of water that is in and around your home.
  • Dehumidifiers that can remove water from the air. After a flood, water in the air is one of the biggest problems. Our industrial grade dehumidifiers can reduce the moisture.
  • Moisture meters that can detect moisture that you can’t even see. This can save your home from mold and mildew damage in the aftermath of the flood.

Please be safe and leave all flood restoration up to the Experts at Anytime. Please read this article on Flood Safety Tips and this article for more flood tips for more information.

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