Document Drying

Anytime Restoration Services provides document drying for all situations. From every day books and family albums to blueprints and electronic media, Anytime Restoration Services has the experience and knowledge to guide you through this difficult process.

Time is of the essence

The majority of restoration projects require timely response, weather restoring structures or contents including documents. Anytime restoration services has experience with document removal and restoration. The proper water removal and packing is one of the most important steps that is rarely discussed regarding document recovery. Documents must be separated when possible, wrapped and stored in a container. Proper handling can eliminate accidental damage often caused while retrieving documents. Some of the documents that can be recovered include:

Books and manuscripts:

  • coated papers
  • leather
  • maps
  • parchment
  • pulp paper
  • vellum
  • drafting linens
  • text books
  • reference manuals.

Business records and documents:

  • legal files
  • patient and medical records
  • x-rays
  • engineering and architectural plans and drawings
  • catalogues
  • reference materials
  • certificates
  • contracts
  • passports
  • transcripts.

Historical, collectible items, & Keepsakes:

  • archival documents
  • rare documents
  • maps
  • stamp collections
  • money collections.
  • photographs
  • leather and hide items
  • newspaper articles
  • recipe books
  • cards
  • scrapbooks.

Textiles & Artwork:

  • embroidery and needlework
  • silks
  • tapestries.
  • acrylic paintings
  • linen drawings
  • water colors.

Anytime Restoration Services promotes the freeze drying and pressure evaporation process:

1. Firstly, the documents are frozen to minus 20 degrees, a temperature at which mold cannot proliferate, they are frozen solid in order to maintain their structural form. This process draws out mud and mold mycelia from the paper fiber so they can be removed with a brush. If water-damaged paper is not treated quickly, mold soon multiplies and causes discoloration. If left to dry naturally, paper fibers will stick together. Words and pictures become indecipherable and the paper shrivels up.

2. Next, they are placed in the freeze drying chamber and a high-pressure vacuum is applied to remove any air. When the correct pressure and temperature are achieved, the moisture is converted to vapor. This collects on a condensing surface outside the chamber (typically colder than 40ºC/-40ºF), and turns it back to ice. Finally, a gradual temperature rise completes the process by driving off more vapors and eliminating bound water from the documents. You can attempt to recover documents, pictures, and books on your own however; discoloration, bleeding, and deformation will likely occur.

Anytime Restoration Services provides complete comprehensive document recovery services and recognizes these items can be extremely important and valuable.

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