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Commercial and Residential Properties

commercial propertyIf your property has been affected by water, fire, smoke, odor, hail or hurricane damage, we can stop the damages from getting worse. You can depend on The Anytime Restoration Team to respond quickly to your disaster. We guarantee to have your home or building repaired and back to normal faster than anyone. We are Michigan’s most experienced emergency recovery contractor, with the resources to clean up the debris, disinfect and dry out the damaged areas. Anytime works with all insurance carriers in Michigan and we bill them directly. Having a contractor who understands the technical requirements to restore your property and who has the ability to work directly with any insurance company and will greatly reduce any issue you might have during the repair process.

University and School Properties

universityAnytime appreciates the value and necessity of education in the community, so when your educational facility is threatened by fire, water, or mold damage we will be on the site fast to lend our services. The process of mitigating and repairing these damages can appear daunting, but with the training and expertise of our project managers, repairs can be made quick and easy. Anytime Restoration will work with your educational facility in every way to ensure your faculty and student’s time is not wasted. School and University mitigation is a unique task because of the valuables they contain, such as labs, computers, and books. That is why Anytime Restoration’s experienced project managers are available 24/7 for your convenience. Your educational facility’s contents will be saved whenever possible, eliminating the need to re-buy expensive equipment. The financial process of water, fire, and mold restoration is made easy because Anytime Restoration has experience with insurance carriers and self-insured programs. In addition, Anytime Restoration will with your school to create effective contingency and disaster recovery plans to ensure that losses are avoided in the future.

Bank and Financial Properties

bankAnytime Restoration employees are experts in implementing immediate and effective water, fire, and mold damage mitigation to financial institutions. We understand that time is money, and the restoration of your business can be carried out without delay to ensure your institution can continue generating revenue as fast as possible. Anytime restoration recognizes the need for security as your business is restored, and our specialist are experienced in applying these security measures in conjunction with restoration. Financial documents and records are also of vital importance, which is why our project managers are trained in their recovery. Quality and cost effective restoration of your bank can be achieved quickly with the help of Anytime Restoration.

City, State, Federal and Military Properties

federal propertyAnytime Restoration employees have overseen the mitigation of many City, State, Federal, and Military properties. These facilities are of extreme importance to the smooth functioning of any region, which is why Anytime considers them a priority during major losses. We are committed to providing fast, quality, and cost effective mitigation to these properties, while implementing an asset priority assessment first. This allows priority contents to be saved and secured before complications arise. Anytime Restoration can also help implement disaster recovery plans with this priority assessment in mind, so that restoration can be started quickly and efficiently.

Hotel and Resort Properties

hotel propertyAnytime Restoration has the knowledge, skill, and experience required to restore your Hotel or Resort properties quickly and effectively. The wide range of contents and utilities such as rooms, pools, kitchens, workout facilities, and lounges can be safely restored by the experts at Anytime restoration. Your assets and services are extremely important to the functioning of your business, and Anytime can provide the fast acting restoration necessary to get your business up and running as efficiently as prior to the disaster. Our project managers will waste no time when handling your water, fire, or mold damages. Your business can also benefit from Anytime Restoration’s disaster planning services so that your investments can be protected when damages occur.

Hospital and Medical Properties

hospital propertyWhen fire, water, or mold damage occurs to any hospital, emergency center, or trauma center, Anytime Restoration has the experience required to implement mitigation in these specialty structures. We will work with insurance adjusters, hospital managers, and staff to ensure that patients maintain continuity of care. We will work to preserve invaluable medical equipment such as x-ray and ultrasound machines, life support devices, surgical suites, and advanced imaging technology. In addition, Anytime will work with your medical faculty to ensure the facility is restored to its previous strict sanitary conditions, and that cross contamination does not occur within the structure. Our project managers are also trained to work specifically with hospital documentation so that recovery and security are obtained according to HIPAA regulations. If you require a restoration specialist that has experience dealing with medical regulations and mitigation, call Anytime Restoration.

Industrial and Manufacturing Properties

manufacturing propertyIndustrial and Manufacturing properties have many items that are not cost effective to replace, and in the event of a disaster they need to be restored. This industry requires very specialized protocols for disaster recovery Anytime Restoration possesses many industry experts that are trained in Industrial manufacturing emergency restoration. Anytime Restoration has several emergency restoration teams that can draft recovery plans, assess the damages, manage restoration processes, recover electronics, machinery, and raw materials. Anytime Restoration implements cutting-edge restoration techniques and procedures in recovering Industrial and Manufacturing properties. Our protocols include asset identification, item prioritization, emergency corrosion stabilization procedures, damage assessment, comprehensive restoration planning with scope of work and time line.

Retail and Chain Store Properties

retail propertyAnytime Disaster Restoration Teams service shopping malls, strip malls, national chains, and local small business owners. With a disaster plan in place prior to a disaster affecting your property and or disturbing your tenets this will allow for an expedited recovery which translates into revenue regeneration. We can help your store or mall by providing restoration project management, asset recovery, mitigation assessment, disinfecting and dehumidification. Property owners and investors in North America depend on our priority response program to ensure that their loss is reduced and that they are open before their competition. We can guarantee to have you open faster because of our specialists on staff that can document your inventory, restore specialty items like paintings, sculptures, documents, retail displays, collateral material and many other special needs.

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